COVID-19 and Linton and the surrounding areas- What’s happening?

Linton Parish Council is currently in discussions with many local groups and organisations to identify ways in which we can collectively work together to facilitate local services and offer support for parishioners across the village and surrounding areas to those that need it most.

This is in the early stages so we ask that members of the public bear with us whilst the options are reviewed and measurers are put into place.


To help prevent the spread of COVID-19 the Parish Council Office is closed to visitors with immediate effect, however at present all staff are remaining in the office and are available to assist parishioners with general enquiries via email and over the phone. If this situation changes the office will update parishioners, so please keep an eye on the website, noticeboards and social media. At the moment, the next Extra-Ordinary Parish Council meeting is scheduled for the 26th March 2020, should this change then we will post notifications online, on the village noticeboards and on social media along with the notification of the cancellation of any other public meetings.


There is a lot of information within the media, including some conflicting advice and misinformation, so please try to remain calm and review information from only the official sources where possible.  These include; the Government website, the NHS and World Heath Organisation.


As I am sure you will be aware, many of the large supermarkets are under pressure and running on reduced stock on some core items due to demand.  Please try not to panic and only take what you need so that we don’t exacerbate the situation. Home delivery times may also not be as readily available, so please try to be as prepared as possible and plan ahead. Please also consider using your local shops and offering continued support to the local businesses within the village that rely upon your trade to remain open. If we do not use them, we risk losing them.

The Parish Council would also like to say that we have been contacted by several residents offering to help and support to their local community in the wake of the outbreak in the UK. It is great to see that so many people are prepared to rally together. If you wish to offer your services and support, and be included in any contingency plans, then please contact the Parish Council Office via email to

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