What is a Neighbourhood Plan?

A Neighbourhood Plan gives local people the power to agree the shared vision for their area.  The plan can set out policies for the development and use of land covered by a Neighbourhood Area, and has formal weight in deciding future planning applications.

Why do we need one?

  • The plan will have statutory status - greater influence over planning decisions
  • More say for residents on specific local issues than in the Local Plan
  • Community-led process not 'top-down'
  • Helps to place local environmental and conservation issues at the top of the agenda
  • Provides an opportunity to specify which sites will be developed and the housing 'mix'
  • Encourages dialogue with a range of organisations
  • Can encourage community projects and self-build initiatives.

For an example of an adopted Neighbourhood Plan visit:


For further information on Linton and Hildersham's Neighbourhood Plan visit:


The links below are comprehensive but easy-to-read guides and maps to the aims and processes of Neighbourhood Planning.  They have been written by the government supported charity, Locality, that provides advice to Parish Councils wishing to make a Neighbourhood Plan.  Their adivce has been followed closely by Linton PC and PC members have attended training courses run by Locality.

Hard copies of the guides and examples of completed Neighbourhood Plans are available to read at the PC office.



If you would be interested in getting involved in the Neighbourhood Plan process then please contact the Clerk for more information.