Rules for vehicular access to the Recreation Ground

The only vehicles permitted to drive along the footpath to the pavilion are emergency and utility service vehicles, those making essential deliveries/collections and drivers issued with a permit from the PC due to temporary/permanent disability. Blue badge holders are not automatically issued with a permit and must submit their request and reason for a permit to the Clerk on an individual basis. Anyone with a temporary disablement that limits their mobility can only apply for a permit for three months. Likewise anyone with a Blue Badge cannot be issued with a permit for a period that exceeds the expiry date of their badge. Permit holders must sign a disclaimer notice issued by the Clerk, accepting total responsibility for driving along the footpath even though they have PC permission.

The dropping off and collection of kit bags is not a valid reason for driving to the pavilion along the footpath.

The Meadow Lane gates must be shut after each entry and exit (cars drive through the gate and stop and shut it behind them). The gate must not be left open at any time.

All Meadow Lane gate keyholders will be required to sign up to the usage regulations and will be responsible for ensuring that the gate is opened for authorised users/permit holders only, and then immediately closed. If these rules are not adhered too then the PC will request that the key be returned, and that individual will no longer have use of such key.

Keyholders must take responsibility for their actions and the way their key is used.