The Linton Parish Council Team

The team at Linton Parish Council is made up by 5 members of staff, 4 of which are office based at the Village Hall and 1 mobile member of staff responsible for keeping the streets of Linton clean and tidy. 

In the office are the below team members: 

Name Role contact details

Mrs Kathryn Dyer

Parish Council Clerk and RFO

01223 891001

Mrs Jenny Seaward

Parish Council Clerk and RFO

01223 891001

Mrs Maria French Assistant Clerk

01223 891001

Miss Nadine Wilson Administrative Assistant and Burials Officer

01223 891001


Mr Christopher Filby is your local Village Custodian who works hard in all weather to keep the village looking clean and tidy. If you see any aspects of the Village that needs attention from Chris please contact the Clerk and the team shall ensure this is addressed.