Skate Park Questionnaire - 2021

The Skate Park on the Linton Recreation Ground has been an on-going project for Linton Parish Council.

Linton Parish Council (LPC) are now at a stage where we have found a contractor that has a well established portfolio of Skate Parks in Cambridgeshire and beyond. LPC are eager to progress the project so that construction can take place as soon as possible and everyone can enjoy the long awaited Skate Park.

LPC have reviewed the options for the materials to construct the Skate Park and concluded that the most durable surface would be concrete.  In the survey below there are example images of Skate Park designs.  Have your say in what you would like to see included in the design for the Linton Skate Park!




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The Closing date for this survey is Tuesday 16th February 2021

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(1) Age range of user (please select)

(2) How often would you visit the Skate Park? (please select)

(3) What would you use? (please select all applicable)

(4) What elements would you think are essential in a Skate Park? (please select all applicable)

(5) Which of the layouts below would you prefer? (please select one)

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(6) Any additional points you would like to raise regarding the Design and Layout of the Linton Skate Park ? (please state below)

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