Local Planning Applications Up-Date

S/2501/19/RM - Land to the North and South of Bartlow Road

Update on the Planning Application S/2501/19/RM - for 55 dwellings at Bartlow Road


There was a meeting of South Cambridgeshire District Council’s Planning Committee yesterday at which the Reserved Matters planning application for Bartlow Road was reviewed.


Cllr Enid Bald spoke at the hearing and argued on behalf of both the Parish Council and Linton residents why this application should not be approved. Disappointingly, after much discussion, the application was approved by the committee, 5 to 4 – so it was close.

Although this is a blow, Linton Parish Council are still looking at ways that we can continue to fight against development at this site.


On behalf of Linton Parish Council the office would like to thank both Corrie Newell, from CN Historic, for her excellent guidance throughout this process and Cllr Enid Bald who has worked tirelessly against this development for the past 4 years. We would also like to thank all of the residents who have submitted comments, attended the public consultations and have taken an active interest in this application.


Please click on the below Link for the recent article in Cambridge News regarding this for further information:


Cambridge News Article

S/2487/18/RM - Land to the North and South Bartlow Road, Linton

Update following the SCDC meeting on 10th April 2019 (from Cllr E Bald)

"Yesterday the Bartlow Road application was deferred primarily on grounds of poor design – SCDC principles are that design should be outstanding to mitigate the damage done by development. This is particularly relevant in our valued landscape. The other issues were also taken into consideration including flooding and drainage, housing mix, effect on the chalk stream, loss of mediaeval hedges to be replaced with drives onto a 60mph road, biodiversity, loss of amenity and several  other issues, too.

That was really good result, arrived at after long and detailed consideration by the Planning Committee.

Now the application will be referred to the SCDC design panel, LPC will be consulted and the application will come back to the SCDC Planning Committee


We know that there will be building on these sites, as there is outline planning approval, but it must be the best for the area and least harmful for the village.


Mr Pearse, John Batchelor and Enid Bald presented at the meeting (supported by Corrie for technical aspects) and we all answered rather detailed questions. Well done everyone!"


Please see below a draft version of the speech that was presented at the meeting by Cllr Enid Bald on behalf of Linton Parish Council

The following in the report submitted by Linton Parish Council regarding the SCDC Planning Officers Report 5/4/2019

Update from Cllr E Bald (3rd April 2019)

"At a meeting with  the planning officer, before her report had been finalised, we raised concerns about the Reserved Matters application, particularly the layout, drainage, effect on the local character landscape,  neighbours floodplain and village. There is still development outside permitted areas, with drives encroaching onto the planned GCP/City Deal transport hub- GCP are now aware. The house designs are cramped, bulky and too high for the site. There has still been no evaluation of the effect of housing  on the skyline and from significant view points. With development too close to the gas main, the site is undeliverable.

Following the meeting, another sheaf of amendments was received which addressed a few issues. That makes over 300 documents and reports that we have read and responded to – see the reports of the LPC Planning Committee meetings and articles in Linton News, Another set of  LPC responses and further objections were then submitted.

We expect this application to be heard by the SCDC Planning Committee at 10 o’clock on April 10th at SCDC Offices in Cambourne. This is a public meeting, so support would be appreciated. There is also a speaking slot for a resident – 3 minutes – we can help with this."


Linton Parish Council recieved notification on the 29th March 2019 that the planning application S/2487/18/RM will be considered by the SCDC Planning Committee on Wednesday 10th 2019 at 10am.  The meeting will take place in the Council Chamber at the Council's office on the Business Park in Cambourne.

Objectors or supporters from the community must register directly with the Democratic Services if they would like to request a speaking slot at the meeting.  This can be via email to ian.senior@scambs.gov.uk or telephone 01954 713028.

To view the notification please click on the following download..

To review the latest plans and documents on the planning application S/2487/18/RM (Land to the North and South of Bartlow Road) Please click on the following link..


Click the button below for information of the Public Consultation for Balsham Road

Back Road Planning Application S/0096/17/OL – Wednesday 5th July 2017


A date has now formally been set for South Cambridgeshire District Council to hear the planning application for Back Road -

 ‘The erection of up to 95 new dwellings with public open space, landscaping and sustainable drainage system and vehicular access point from Back Road. All matters reserved except for means of access.’

This application will now be considered at the Planning Committee meeting on Wednesday 5th July 2017.

This starts at 10:30am and will be held in the Council Chamber at the District Council’s office on the Business Park in Cambourne. 

Horseheath Road Appeals on application S/1969/15/OL & S/2553/16/OL
Appeal references: APP/W0530/W/17/3174153 & APP/ & APP/W0530/W/16/3160756
Please be aware that the hearing with the Planning Inspectorate on the above applications has now been postponed from the original date of the 27th June.
The reason for the postponement is that the Planning Inspector does not now consider that a one-day hearing would be the appropriate way forward in light of the further submissions of SCDC and the Parish Council's further document submissions.
This means that instead of a one day hearing, the hearing for the Horseheath Road appeals will be through a multi-day Public Inquiry.
A Public Inquiry not only allows for more time for a full and proper review of the evidence submitted but allows the evidence to be tested by questioning.
As soon as any further information is released we will update you.

Linton Parish Council is very pleased to formally announce that at the SCDC hearing today (23rd March) the Horseheath Road Planning application, ref: S/2553/16/OL was REFUSED by SCDC Planning Committee members on a vote of 5 in favour of the development and 6 against.

Planning Working Group Wednesday 22nd March 2017 - Horseheath Road S/2553/16/OL

Planning Application Update: Horseheath Road S/2553/16/OL.
Please note that SCDC has brought forward the hearing for the new application on Horseheath Road to the 23rd March 2017.
The hearing agenda and information shall shortly be posted on the Linton Parish Council website to review and provide the timings should you wish to attend.
To assist in the preparation for this the Planning Working Group is holding a meeting on the evening of Wednesday 22nd March (this coming Wednesday), in the meeting room above the Village Hall at 7pm.
All members of the public are welcome to attend and get involved and put yourselves forward for a speaking slot at the hearing. (please note there is only one 3 minute Councillor slot and one 3 minute resident slot available).
If you require any further information please contact the Clerk on Facebook, or any of the below contacts.
We hope to see lots of residents on Monday night :)
Linton Parish Clerk
On behalf of Linton Parish Council
01223 891001

IMPORTANT INFORMATION - Linton Parish Council have now received the formal outline planning application in relation to planning application:

 S/0096/17/OL – Outline Planning application for the erection of up to 95 dwellings.

Given the size of this proposed development Linton Parish Council will be holding a public consultation on the 15th February at 7pm at the Village Hall.

This meeting will act as a public forum to allow all parishioners the opportunity to share their views and comments prior to Linton Parish Council’s formal recommendation – to ensure that the views of residents are taken into account. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend – Your opinion matters and if you don’t express your opinion – it won’t be heard! 





***Update on Planning Applications S/2553/16/OL and S/1969/15/OL - Horseheath Road ***

Linton Parish Council has received a notification in writing that the current application for Horseheath Road S/2553/16/OL -Outline application for up to 50 dwellings and up to 20 allotments, has now been deferred again and will be heard at the SCDC planning committee on the 1st March 2017.

Depending on the outcome, the appeal for the original application S/1969/15/OL for Horseheath Road - Outline application for up to 50 dwellings and up to 30 allotments, is also due to be heard in March, although the date has not yet been confirmed. The appeal reference number relating to this application is: APP/W0530/W/16/3160756. 

Public Consultation for an outline planning application for a proposed 95 new houses on the land off Back Road

****** Linton Parish Council has received notification that a public consultation with residents is being held to discuss the proposal of an outline planning application for approximately 95 new houses on the land off Back Road. This consultation is due to begin as of Wednesday 14th December 2016 and all residents can register their views on the below link as of this date.


If you can also please send these comments to Linton Parish Council @ lintonpc@btconnect.com  then this will allow the Council to gain a full understanding of residents’ views and concerns.

Please note that Linton Parish Council have not yet received this planning application and are not able to formally comment on the outline application until this has been received and reviewed at a Planning Committee meeting. ******

****** Linton Parish Council has just received a new planning application for a Three Storey Apartment Development on Cambridge Road, containing 10 self- contained two and three bedroom units. ********

This application will be on the Agenda for the Planning Committee Meeting on Thursday 15th December 2016. All members of the public are welcome to attend and there is an oppertunity to speak for members of the public.

Full Planning application information:

Planning ref number: S/3076/16/FL

Proposal: The demolition of an existing sales/workshop building and the construction of a three storey apartment development, containing 10 self-contained two and three bedroom units. The provision of landscaped parking areas and amenity spaces, with dedicated cycle and bin storage.

Location: 20, Cambridge Road, Linton, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB21 4NN


If you wish to send comments through regarding this application then please send them to the case officer below:

Thorfinn Caithness

Planning officer

Planning and New Communities

South Cambridgeshire Hall

Cambourne Business Park



CB23 6EA


Tel: 03450 450 500

Please also send a copy to the Linton Parish Council for review at: lintonpc@btconnect.com

***New Planning Application received for Cambridge Road ***

Horseheath Planning Application S/2553/16/OL Update

****Linton Parish Council has recently heard news that the planning application for Horseheath Road will not be heard at SCDC’s Planning meeting until January 2017. This means that there is still time to note your comments and objections. It has been confirmed by South Cambridgeshire District Council that all residents letters received prior to the formal decision will be taken into account, so ensure your voice is heard.****

If you would like to object or send comments please send them to the below contact information before January 2017.


Get Involved- There has also been a Planning Working Group set up to allow the Council to work closely with residents to ensure your voice is hear. If you would like to get more involved please contact the Linton Parish Council office. 


Please send any comments to the below address:

Karen Pell-Coggins

Principle Planning Officer

Planning and new Communities

South Cambridgeshire Hall

Cambourne Business Park



 CB23 6EA
t: 01954 713230

e: karen.pell-coggins@scambs.gov.uk


 Please also send a copy to Linton Parish Council at lintonpc@btconnect.com

Horseheath Planning Application S/2553/16/OL

***Planning Working Group relating to Horseheath Road Planning Application S/2553/16/OL***

Linton Parish Council has set up a Planning Working Group to allow it to work on creating a robust case to support the objections made to the new outline Planning Application for Horseheath Road for up to 50 residential dwellings and 24-28 allotments.

The Working Group will be meeting regularly to ensure that the information and evidence presented by Linton Parish Council strongly supports the objections prior to a final decision from South Cambridge District Council.

If you would like to get involved with the Planning Working Group then please contact the Linton Parish Council office on the below contact information.

email: lintonpc@btconnect.com

Telephone: 01223 891001



****Linton Parish Council has been notified by South Cambridgeshire District Council that a planning application has been submitted on behalf of the Diocese of Ely for up to 50 houses and 24-28 allotments on the site adjoining the top of Horseheath Road. 

Details of the application can be viewed at https://www.scambs.gov.uk/content/search-planning-application by clicking on the link below.

Linton Parish Council will study and respond to this proposal as soon as possible, especially in respect of the type of commitment being made to include allotments and if any further meaningful consultation with residents is being offered. 

The full plans for Horseheath Road are now available for inspection during normal working hours within the Linton Parish Council Office and at South Cambridgeshire District Office.****

Bartlow Rd Planning Application S/1963/15/OL

Planning application number: S/1963/15/OL - Bartlow Road

Latest update: Linton Parish Council will be meeting on 22nd September at 7:30pm  at the Cathodeon Centre to discuss options for making addional representations to SCDC concerning the above application. Linton Parish Council are taking proffesional advice regarding the possibilities of having the decision reviewed by SCDC. It is early stages, but there are various options the Council will be discussing at the meeting. It is still important that residents continue to make their views known about this planning application. Residents are welcome to attend the full council meeting but it would be helpful if you could email the clerk in advance if you intend to come on the night and send any commments to the Clerk at lintonpc@btconnect.com.