Pavilion Users Car Parking

All users should park in the LVC car park

The LVC car park will be open until 10pm Monday to Friday. At weekends the car park will be left open after 4pm only when LVC advised of usage of their car park due to fixture/match (via fixture lists).

A fixture or events list from each club/society/user group should be emailed to the Parish Council office and this will be forwarded to Lisa on reception at the Village College. LVC must be advised of any changes to the fixture list and the PC also advised. Richard Robbins, the caretaker is the point of contact during weekdays, and the Sports Centre will be the communication hub at week-ends. (Sports Centre phone number is 01223 890248). The LVC entrance gates will be left open at weekends when LVC has been advised of usage of the car park via fixture lists.

All groups/clubs must advise the PC of one designated person who will be responsible for the locking of the LVC gates after each event/match that requires out of hours parking at LVC, and return the key to the pavilion.

If the designated person for the club involved wishes the LVC entrance gates to be shut and locked at normal times due to cancellation of event/fixture, then the caretaker must be informed on weekdays before 8pm and the sports centre at weekends before 4pm. If the designated person cannot contact the caretaker or the sports centre for any reason, then it is the responsibility of the designated person to ensure the LVC gates are closed and locked.

A key to the LVC gates will be kept in the pavilion.

LVC will give advance notice should parking not be available due to college event.

The parking area behind the school (accessed via driving past the old reception) must not be used for parking.