LPC Meeting Dates

UPDATE : Due to COVID-19 all Parish Council Meetings and Committee Meetings have been held remotely via zoom since 18th March 2020.  For 2021 all meetings below are listed as remote meetings until restrictions have removed and public meetings are allowed. 

2021 Meeting Calendar


  • LVHMR = Linton Village Hall Meeting Room
  • LVH = Linton Village Hall (Main Hall)
  • CC = Cathodeon Centre
  • RM = Remote Meeting (via Zoom)


14th January 7.30pm Personnel cancelled
21st January 6:30pm Planning RM
21st January 7:30pm Full Council RM
28th January 7:30pm Finance RM
18th February 6:30pm Planning RM
18th February 7:30pm Full Council RM
25th February 7:30pm Finance RM
18th March 6:30pm Planning RM
18th March  7:30pm Full Council RM
25th March 7:30pm Finance RM
8th April 6:30pm Personnel RM
8th April 7:30pm Annual Parish Meeting RM (TBC)
15th April 6:30pm Planning RM
15th April 7:30pm Full Council RM
22nd April 7:30pm Finance RM
20th May 6:30pm Planning RM
20th May 7:30pm Annual Parish Council Meeting RM
27th May 7:30pm Finance RM
17th June 6:30pm Planning RM
17th June 7:30pm Full Council RM
24th June 7:30pm Finance RM
15th July 6:30pm Planning RM
15th July 7:30pm Full Council RM
22nd July 7:30pm Finance RM
12th August 7:30pm Personnel RM
19th August 6:30pm Planning RM
19th August 7:30pm Full Council RM
26th August 7:30pm Finance RM
16th Sept 6:30pm Planning RM
16th Sept 7:30pm Full Council RM
23rd Sept 7:30pm Finance RM
21st Oct 6:30pm Planning RM
21st Oct 7:30pm Full Council RM
18th Oct 7:30pm Finance RM
18th Nov 6:30pm Planning RM
18th Nov 7:30pm Full Council RM
25th Nov 6:30pm Finance RM
25th Nov 7:30pm Ex-Ord Full Council (Precept) RM
2nd Dec 7:30pm Personnel RM
9th Dec 6:30pm Planning RM
9th Dec 7:30pm Full Council RM
16th Dec 7:30pm Finance RM