LPC Meeting Dates

UPDATE : It has been necessary to cancel all scheduled meetings from 18th March 2020 due to the Coronavirus - where possible remote meetings will be scheduled and updated on the listing below 

2020 Meeting Calendar


  • LVHMR = Linton Village Hall Meeting Room
  • LVH = Linton Village Hall (Main Hall)
  • CC = Cathodeon Centre
  • RM = Remote Meeting (via Zoom)


8th January 7.30pm Personnel LVHMR
15th January 7:30pm Finance LVHMR
16th January 6:30pm Planning CC
16th January 7:30pm Full Council CC
19th February 7:30pm Finance LVHMR
20th February 6:30pm Planning CC
20th February 7:30pm Full Council CC
18th March 7:30pm Finance CANCELLED
19th March  6:30pm Planning LVHMR
19th March 7:30pm Full Council CANCELLED
8th April 7:30pm Personnel CANCELLED
9th April 7:30pm Annual Parish Meeting CANCELLED
14th April 6:30pm Planning (Ex-ord) RM
15th April 7:30pm Finance CANCELLED
16th April 6:30pm Planning CANCELLED
16th April 7:30pm Full Council CANCELLED
30th April 6:30pm Planning (Ex-Ord) RM
7th May 7:30pm Full Council (Ex-Ord) RM
15th May 6:30pm Full Council (Ex-Ord) RM
20th May  7:30pm Finance CANCELLED
21st May 6:30pm Planning RM
21st May 7:30pm Full Council  RM
17th June 7:30pm Finance CANCELLED
18th June 6:30pm Planning CANCELLED
18th June  7:30pm Full Council CANCELLED
15th July 7:30pm Finance CANCELLED
16th July 6:30pm Planning CANCELLED
16th July 7:30pm Full Council CANCELLED
12th August  7:30pm Personnel CANCELLED
19th August 7:30pm Finance CANCELLED
20th August 6:30pm Planning RM
20th August 7:30pm Full Council RM
10th Sept 7:30pm Finance RM
17th Sept 6:30pm Planning RM
17th Sept 7:30pm Full Council RM
15th Oct 6:30pm Planning RM
15th Oct 7:30pm Full Council RM
22nd Oct 7:30pm Finance RM
5th Nov 6:30pm Extra-Ordinary Planning RM
5th Nov 7:30pm Extra-Ordinary Full Council RM
12th Nov 6:30pm Extra-Ordinary Planning RM
19th Nov 6:30pm Planning RM
24th Nov 7:30pm Extra-Ordinary FInance RM
26th Nov 7:30pm Ex-Ord Full Council (Precept) RM
2nd Dec 7:30pm Personnel RM
9th Dec 7:30pm Finance RM
10th Dec 6:30pm Planning RM
10th Dec 7:30pm Full Council RM