Council Updates

Play Ground Equipment at the Recreational Ground

Safety Notice:
Please be aware that the double gate on the under 8's children's play area has had to be removed, pending welding as repair is needed.
This will be repaired shortly but until then please be aware that the metal posts may be sharp and please be cautious around this area.
This will be taped off shortly and signs displayed but please be especially vigilant with young children playing near this section of the fencing.
Many thanks and please accept our apologies for the inconvenience this may cause.


The Skateboard Ramp

Please note that despite the Council recently fixing a hole in the skateboard ramp, another two have now appeared so please can we advise that it is not to be used.

The decision was made at the Full Council meeting on the 20th April that due to its state of disrepair (beyond fixing) that the Council shall be removing the skateboard ramp shortly.

Please know that the council is looking to replace this as soon as possible and are starting to look into possible designs and materials. If you have any recommendations or ideas of what you may like to see then please don't hesitate to contact us - any and all inputs are welcome and gratefully received.

Once again, please request children refrain from using the ramp due to safety issues from this point forward. The council do regularly apply signs and tape but this is often quickly removed so please be aware.

Thank you and we look forward to any suggestions!

Please be aware that Linton Parish Council received a call today following a routine playground inspection that advised that it is formally recommended that Linton Parish Council take two items of play equipment out of service with immediate effect- pending repairs.

These items are:

The Skateboard Ramp

This has a fist sized hole in the top of the launch platform, creating a trip hazard. 

The Arial Zip Overhead Wire

The chain joining the seat and the cable has a coupling and bracket that are particularly worn, cause a safety hazard.

Both these items have been labelled with warning signs and Linton Parish Council has contacted contractors to review the required works.

Linton Parish Council would like to request that these items of equipment are not used until further notice.

- Linton Parish Council

17th March 2017