Council Representatives for Linton Parish Council 2019

Ms M Mannassi 07767 830050 Chairman of Council
Mr J Bald      01223 891069 Vice Chairman of Council
Mrs E Bald 01223 891069 Chair of Planning
Dr. B D Cox 01223 891231  
Mr S Hill 01223 892250  
Mr C Hine  07973 406719

Chair of Personnel Committee

Vice Chair of Finance Committee             

Mrs K Kell  01223 894970

Vice Chair of Personnel Committee

Vice Chair of Planning Committee

Mr P Poulter 01223 892419 Chair of Finance Committee
Ms A Smith 07768 159500  
Mr L Gardner 01223 891697  
Ms S Parker    


Appointment of Council Representatives

Allotments Association (Simon Hill) Cllr. Hill
Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Assoc. of Local Councils (CPALC): Vacancy
Trustees to Cathodeon Trust Mr A Gore, Mr D Champion & Cllr Hine
Charles & Mary Anderson Trust Cllr Cox
Linton Granta Football Sports & Social Club  Cllr Poulter
Directors, Linton Parish Publications Cllr  E Bald & Cllr Cox
Parish Charities Cllr S Hill
Police Liaison Chris Wiseman
Public Transport Cllr Hill
Tree Warden Cllr Kell (Cllr Bald in reserve)
Village Hall Cllr Gardner

Committee Representatives

Planning Committee Cllrs E Bald(C), Kell (Vc), J Bald, Gardner, Mannassi and Smith
Finance Committee Cllrs Poulter(C), Hine(Vc), Cox, Kell and Mannassi
Personnel Committee Cllrs Hine(C), Kell (Vc), E Bald, Mannassi and Poulter

Working Groups (Advisory Committees)

Allotments Cllrs E Bald, Hill, and Kell
Churchyard Cllrs E Bald, Cox and Kell (in capacity as Tree Warden), Mr A Gore (PCC), Mr Richard Tonry (PCC) 
Open Spaces, Cemetery, Environment & Glebe Land Cllrs E Bald, Cox, Hill and Kell
Policies & Procedures Review Cllrs E Bald, J Bald, Hine, Kell, Mannassi, Poulter and Smith
Recreation Ground, Venture Playground & CCTV Cllrs E Bald, Hine, and Poulter
River, Wildlife, Leadwell Meadows & Rights of Way

Cllrs E Bald, Cox, Hill and Kell (Dr Judy Rossiter and Mrs Jan Bumstead co-opted, Rights of Way)

S106 All councillors are invited to meetings of this group
Traffic (A1307, Traffic & Parking) Cllrs E Bald, Hine, Kell and Poulter
Website & Social Media Cllrs E Bald, J Bald, Hine and Poulter
Youth Cllrs J Bald, Gardner & Hine