Community Notices

Protecting older or more vulnerable residents in Linton

Did you know that Linton has No Cold Calling Zones (NCCZ) in Crabtree Croft and Tower View?

These zones were set up to discourage cold callers and to give residents the confidence to say ‘no’ to uninvited sales people – helping to prevent people falling victim to distraction burglars and rogue traders.

Whilst the zones were originally introduced by Cambridgeshire Trading Standards, it is recognised that community-led action is much more effective in protecting local people from unscrupulous tradespeople. Indeed, the best prevention and support for residents comes from within their own community.

We can offer a range of materials for your residents including door stickers, advice on how to spot a rogue trader and tips to prevent unwanted mail and phone calls. We invite a local coordinator to disseminate this information and look after a NCCZ on behalf of its residents. This would preferably be someone living within the zone but could also be someone residing close by. Could that be you?

If you feel you can help, even if your time and ability is limited, we would love to hear from you. A NCCZ can really be reinvigorated with a little community action; just a good neighbour keeping an eye out makes all the difference.

For more information please contact Elaine Mountfort, Community Protection Officer at or on 01954 286006 or 07810 153604.