The Village Green

Camping Close: Protected for Village Recreation

On the 3rd September, the Parish Council received notification that its application for Village Green status for Camping Close had been approved. Originally following an objection by the Education department it was thought that the matter would go to Public Inquiry but the objection was later withdrawn. The application was made to stop the proposed fencing by the Infants school, which would have meant that the land north of the fence would have been unavailable for recreation use for most of the village.

In 2008 the Parish Council met with the young people, police and youth workers at Linton Village College in an attempt to reduce antisocial behaviour. The Parish Council agreed to provide benches and goalposts, not only for the young people, but for the whole community to enjoy, at the far end of Camping Close. The County Council were quite happy for the goal post and benches idea to proceed, and they were not concerned about the "lack of playing field" space. However the Infants school took the opportunity to put forward a plan to fence off some of the Close.

Due to the lack of recreation land in the village, and the fact that it had been used by village residents for games, picnics etc as long as anyone could remember the Parish Council submitted an application to Cambridgeshire County Council. With help from the Open Spaces society and a large number of questionnaires undertaken by village residents the Parish Council was able to substantiate its application with considerable evidence – this evidence included minutes of Parish Council meetings in 1946 where the Parish Council recommended that it be preserved as an open space for additional recreation land. 

The Parish Council believe that its application must relate to one of the oldest greens. Camping Close gets its name from the medieval football game – Camping, which was popular in East Anglia.  It was a particularly rough form of football played after church on Sundays which is why many of the fields are next to churchyards. Camping Close has been shown on village maps since the 1600’s but there are not many preserved and still used for recreation over 400 years later.

The Parish Council is pleased to announce that the Village Green was officially opened by MP Jim Paice on 16th October 2010.