Bowling Green survey 2021/2

Questionnaire for the future use of the Bowling Green, Meadow Recreation Ground

The Bowling Green on the Linton Recreation Ground has been an unused space for several years. Linton Parish Council are keen to rejuvenate this area as a multi-use facility so that it can be of benefit to all members of the community.

Linton Parish Council (LPC) would like to hear from residents of Linton and surrounding villages as to what they would like to see this area used for. Please take the time to complete the following short survey and have your say in the future use of the bowling green.

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The Closing date for this survey is Friday 28th January 2022

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(1) From the list below please select the activities you would like to see take place in this area? (please select all applicable)

(2) How often would you visit this facility (please select)

(3) Age range of user (please select)

(5) Would you like to be involved with any fund-raising efforts towards this project? (please select)

If yes, please provide your contact details below (Please be assured that under GDPR 2018 all personal data will remain confidential and you have the right to request it is deleted from Linton Parish Councils records at any time)